Trail Report

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   Mar 8th.  2021

March 8th. 

Trails are CLOSED.

Thank you to everyone for your support. It's been a short year.

March 4th.

  Right now the trails in the woods are fair to good. The Harrison Hills area is pretty good. The roads are bare. Trails are changing fast. With the warm weather all of Lincoln County trails will close at Midnight Sunday March 7th. So this is the last weekend for the season. Hope to see you on the trail. 

March 1st.

Some fresh snow yesterday did really help, groomed last night. but the temps. are going to be in the 40's the rest of the week. Don't know how long we can hang on. Roads getting bare. South exposures have bare spots already. Some lakes are getting slush. Melting is causing slush spots in the woods also. It will be Day to Day. 

Feb. 24th

Things really changed fast. Zone 2 south of Irma is closed. Tomahawk area north got 5" wet heavy snow. So we will try to keep grooming to the weekend whenever we can, but it is supposed to be mid 30's Friday and Sat. But should be a great day for our Pig Roast at Surewood Forest. Roads have bared up already. Stay on trail. Happy trails.

    Feb. 22nd

With 2" new snow last night trails have improved some. Hopefully the next few days will be cloudy to get past the warm weather. Trails are in good condition. Lots of traffic this past weekend. Please stay on marked trails. Hope to see you at the Pig roast this Saturday at Surewood Forest. Happy trails to you.

    Feb. 18th

Trails haven't changed much. With the little bit of snow we have to work with, conditions are good, a few bare spots in the heavy pines. Lakes and swamps have good snow. The cold weather has helped a lot. Very little snow in the forecast, and warm, mother nature not helping. Texas we need help. See you on the trail.    



All trails in Lincoln County are open, with a few exceptions. Watch for closed signs. Trails are fair to good, but early season riding. Need more snow. The cold weather has helped a lot. All lakes are marked, Stay on marked trail. Groomer out every night. Ride safe.

Hope to see you on the trail.