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It is your responsibility to know all current local, county and state laws regarding the operation of your ATV.


ATV's are allowed on the Lincoln County and Knight Owls Snowmobile trails one week after trails are officially open for snowmobiles.  After that time, ATV's are only allowed on the trails when the high temperature for the day is 28 degrees (or lower).  Only snowmobile trails that are designated winter ATV trails are open for ATV's. Fines for violations could be $339.75 per person.  It is also illegal to go over or around berms, gates or in posted areas.The following is only a guide to help you understand the different rules that apply to to the operation of an ATV in winter versus summer on our trails.  In some townships, such as Harrison, ATV's are allowed on township roads year around.  This does not give you permission to operate on county or state roads within that township.  The Lincoln County ATV system is closed from December 1 to May 31 each year.  Both the Lincoln County and Knight Owls Snowmobile trail systems operate on parts of the Closed ATV trail system.  These sections of trail fall under the Lincoln county and Knight Owls Winter rules (see current Lincoln County maps) and are available for use with both ATVs and snowmobiles.  Lincoln County and the Knight Owls trail systems connect with many other clubs and county trail systems.  Their rules may be different.  Know the laws in the areas you are riding in.  Enjoy our trails and the hospitality of all of our business members.


Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce Snowmobile Trail Information

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